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Long time no speak...


It has been almost a year since I sent an email out. It felt good to be missed but it felt much better to take some time to pause as I dealt with a LOT since we last connected. Balance is key in my life and I know that you would prefer if I spent time taking of myself versus running around like a chicken without a head, so thanks for your patience.

Some of you may have heard that my father unexpectedly passed on April 30. Yes, it actually happened and his passing left me stuck in and on my tracks. I have been operating on auto-pilot ever since, and I am still not fully back into the PEP of things, but Daddy would have wanted me to at least try, and so I am back...trying my best to return to being my best, while I deal with the void, sick feeling, and pain that the loss of a loved one leaves behind.

It is good to feel better. It is great to be back. I did miss writing and sharing with you on the regular, so I hope you are as happy to have me back, as I am happy to be back.

Since we last connected, I went to Ghana twice -- in May and November 2019 and did my humanitarian works via The Give Black Foundation . I had started re-branding back in April 2019 and I also started working on a few projects including writing my first book, but all of those projects have been put on hold. Quite frankly, I'll get to them when I get to them. Since we last connected and since my father died, I have paid ZERO attention to any of my websites so a lot of information has not been updated. Please bear with me, as I get to those in order of priority. My real priority these days is to wake up each day with a grateful heart, and continue to give myself time and space to's a day to day process.

I will share more in ensuing weeks. I really wanted to pop my head in and say HELLO and also share some upcoming events with you. Someone saw me last month at an event and said, "Peppy, I have not received one of your Newsletters in ages. I LOVED getting them. What happened?" I smiled for a very long time and then promised that I would begin sending them out again in March. Here I am, delivering on that promise.

Because Women's HerStory Month means so much to me, I really wanted to share information on my upcoming Sistahs Inspiring Positivity: #RiseIn2020 annual event with you. I have been doing most of the promotions on the PEP Facebook page , but the title is self explanatory and also very personal to me. I hope it resonates with you. When I decided on the title, I was kind of sorta speaking to myself, and then I had many conversations with other folks who had also been feeling BLAH for a variety of reasons, and it made sense that this topic fits. I sincerely hope you can find it within your heart (and schedule) to support and/or attend the event. Most important than that is the fact that I want you to activate your action plan to also RISE IN 2020 .

Please feel free to link me if you need to. I can be found mostly on my Personal Facebook Page or as usual, by email to If you have my phone number, send a Sistah a text or give me a call -- I love to have real conversations too.

Welcome to March,

Rosie Peppy Parke
Creative Director
The Parke Firm

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Join Us on 03/28/20 for SIP: RiseIn2020

Join us on Saturday, March 28, 2020 from 7pm to 11pm at Sweet Home Jamaica for the 15th annual Sistaha Inspiring Positivity: #RiseIn2020 Women's HerStory Month Celebration and Fundraiser.

LIVE on stage:  Strykers Posse Reggae Band, Cecily, Anna Mwlagho and Da Flame.

This year we are honoring six dynamic women for their wonderful work in the community and their personal lives.

Visit to get the details and to donate.

Come to Jamaica with us this Summer


Details about the trip

Here is your chance to spend five beautiful nights in Jamaica while celebrating the season of Summer. Enjoy the all-inclusive RIU Ocho Rios experience including unlimited food and beverages (including liquor), water parks, airport   transfers, resort credits, and much more!

*Airfare is on your own. Please plan to fly into Montego Bay (MBJ).

Other Upcoming Events

Please stay connected with us at to learn about other upcoming events including our tour to Ghana from September 9-20, 2020 (

What folks are saying...

"I traveled with Peppy to Ghana in 2018 and it changed my life forever.  She is such a wonderful person who is very connected to the people and culture of Ghana.  Best trip I ever went on!"--Jackie Perkins

Journey to Ghana from September 9-20, 2020 with Rosie Peppy Parke and The Give Black Foundation.

Jamaica Farewell, The One Woman Play, May 10th


About The Play

The award-winning and internationally acclaimed play, Jamaica Farewell, written and performed by Debra Ehrhardt and directed by Joel Zwick, will be presented on May 10, 2020, in Bowie, Maryland. There will be two performances at the Bowie Center for the Performing Arts, located at 15200 Annapolis Road, Bowie, Maryland. The first performance will be at 3 p.m. and the second will be at 7 p.m. Tickets are $40 presold and $48 at the door. Tickets are available at or by calling (301) 814-3313.

Jamaica Farewell is a one-woman play based on the story of Debra Ehrhardt's escape from the class struggle that seized Jamaica in the 1970s. Her dangerous journey from the island of her youth to the country of her dreams will enthrall, charm, and ultimately leave you celebrating at the triumphant conclusion of her autobiographical, one-woman show.

The Miami Herald describes the play as “IRRESISTIBLE - Jamaica Farewell is funny, engaging, and irresistible!” - MIAMI HERALD , Fla.

Based on her true life story, Ehrhardt’s Jamaica Farewell chronicles her journey from Jamaica in the 1970s to fulfill her lifelong dream of going to America.If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.


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