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If you are wondering why the smile on my face is so rich and full and beautiful, it is because that is how I felt all night on last Saturday when my 14th annual Women's HerStory Month Celebration, Sistahs Inspiring Positivity (SIP) was happening. The event was truly awesome (not just for me), and many of us are still smiling because we experienced such an uplifting evening, and it still lingers in our hearts.

Thanks to everyone who donated. Thanks to those who sent love and light my way because they could not attend. Thanks to each person who took time out of their precious evening to come and spend with us at Sweet Home Jamaica

You can see the photos HERE to feel some of the joy we felt on Saturday. 

The performances, fashion show, fellowship, surprises, energy, food and beverages, energy and people were collectively perfect! The icing on the cake was that the event left us with a firmHER (not a typo) commitment to keep supporting each other. As women (and men), it is our responsibility to lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. Let us debunk the myth that Black people do not support each other. Let us change the narrative and show by example that we are truly Sistahs who inspire other sistahs and Black people who give back to Blacks.

Please note that even though the #SIP event is over, we are still fundraising as we want to be able to take more computers to Ghana. Please consider making a FREE WILL donation HERE or if you have a new laptop you would like to donate, contact me by April 15th.

Peace & Blessings,

Rosie Peppy Parke
Creative Director/Founder
Peppy Entertainment & Promotions and The Give Black Foundation