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This year, for our annual funraiseher, we are raising at least $1500US to complete the building of a dining hall for trinity home orphanage in tutu, ghana. please watch the video below and then make a donation towards the building out of their dining hall. visit to make your donation today!

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Happy Summer,

Tell me, is it hot in here or is it just ME?  Please stay cool.

It has been over two months since we returned from Ghana and the trip still feels very fresh in my mind.  I know that one of the main reasons for that is because I lost my father a day before we went to Ghana and I know that the main force which kept me going while I was in Ghana, was feeling his presence beside me every step of the way.

I also would love to thank the #Forward19 for traveling with us and for their incredible energy!  They are pictured about with the beautiful children from Trinity Home Academy and Orphanage.  Speaking of Trinity and the #Forward19, while we  in  Ghana visiting the Academy, we raised close to $1000US which allowed Mama Sophia to start building a much needed dining hall.  We have started the work but need YOUR help to finish it and that help will come in the form of $1500US.  To many, this is not a lot of money but to those who are strapped for cash, it seems like a lot.  The great thing is that TOGETHER we can make it happen.  Just click on to make your donation and we will be sure to thank you.

To the beautiful people of Ghana, we say MEDASE and see you soon.

Please click HERE to see the official photos from our May Tour to Ghana courtesy of Shaka Watson.


 We are still very thankful to all our donors of the Sistahs Inspiring Positivity event held in March. We were able to donate 12 laptops while in Ghana. 

Want to go to Ghana in this year, #TheYearOfReturn? Register with your $500 deposit by August 15 by visiting or by clicking on any of the images below.



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